No parent should experience the pain of losing a child to SIDS, or worry their child may be next.

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Announcing the First Steps for SIDS Contest

The campaing has been completed

SIDS awareness campaign gets boost from Microsoft executive

A fun, heartwarming campaign is raising awareness about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to help some of the world's smartest data scientists find a cure.

Solving the SIDS Crisis

How Microsoft's Big Data Could Help Solve the SIDS Mystery

My Journey to Stop SIDS

Keynote address from Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange 2017

SIDS Study Could Connect Mysterious Death to Inner Ear Problem

Learn more about the amazing SIDS research going on.

Quest to Stop SIDS Takes Local Man to Mount Kilimanjaro

Learn more about John Kahan’s journey.

@seattlechildren | 60.7K Followers
After losing his son to SIDS, John and his team @Microsoft donated tech tools to our researchers to help find a cure
@business | 4.01M Followers
A bereaved father and his team of Microsoft scientists take on infant deaths
@MSFTnews | 907K Followers
For the love of Aaron, and all children who may be susceptible to SIDS
@Microsoft | 8.06M Followers
.@business reports on how #data could help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
@MollyShenKOMO | 8.1K Followers
John Kahan of @Microsoft wants to know why son died of #SIDS and make sure others don’t suffer same pain. “This will be solved.” #komonews
@komonews | 330K Followers
Microsoft data scientists turn skills to SIDS research
@CoralPSBJ | 1.2K Followers
.@Microsoft teams up with @SeattleChildren's Research Inst. to help prevent SIDS